Our ongoing collaboration with clients allows for fluid dialogue and value-added resources in the areas of technology, physical plant and infrastructure, disaster recovery and business continuity, human resources and service provider options including:  legal, accounting and fund administration.

Starting your own alternative investment fund is a formidable undertaking, and while it can be an exciting and lucrative endeavor, it will require a great deal of thought and careful planning. Cowen Prime Services has been involved in new fund launches for many years and has played a key role in getting a large number of managers started as well as helping them navigate their various growth phases. Our experience suggests that when investment managers make the right decisions early on, it dramatically enhances their success rate.

Making the right decisions can mean many things, but it must begin with the development of a sound business plan. This will not only help the manager articulate his investment strategy and process, but importantly also understand the various costs that he’ll need to incur to establish and manage a sound business. It also means making the effort to investigate the key service provider options and selecting those that will match the manager’s needs over the life of the business.

At Cowen Prime Services we believe the alternative investment industry will continue to expand in coming years. This view is driven by the continuing flow of talented investment managers eager to strike out on their own and the increasing capital allocations finding their way to emerging managers. The latter is a reflection of the long track record of better returns generated by this group compared to their much larger counterparts.

Our firm offers emerging managers a comprehensive set of solutions ranging from extensive pre-launch consulting, to custody, clearing and execution, to post-trade and ancillary operational support, portfolio and risk reporting, and office infrastructure and IT support. As our client, you will benefit from our seasoned team, our client-centric service model, our extensive market expertise, and our top-tier technology platform. We will be a partner to you in your new venture, facilitating your launch in a timely manner and assisting you in the development of your marketing and growth plan.

As you no doubt consider other service providers in the marketplace, before you make any final decisions we urge you to talk with us. We believe we bring several key differentiators to our offering. First, our founders were hedge fund managers themselves, understand what it’s like to manage both an investment portfolio and a business, and have led the development of the firm’s solutions from the user’s perspective. Second, new fund launches have been a focus of our firm for more than a decade, and we can deliver to you the benefits of the enormous amount of experience we’ve gained over this time frame covering all aspects of setting up a new fund. And finally, the breadth of our offering is unmatched in the marketplace, as we’ve outlined above.