Clients benefit from a variety of financing options and efficient short term borrowing

Portfolio Financing – Cowen Prime Services’ offering provides our clients with a variety of portfolio financing options. These options will depend on specific investment strategies, asset classes, gross and net exposures, and other considerations. Financing options range from traditional Reg T (initial 50% margin) accounts, to those with varying degrees of enhanced leverage, including full Portfolio Margining (15% margin). The firm’s experienced client service personnel works with clients and the clearing firms to optimize account financing using internal risk tools.

Stock Loan – Short sales of easy-to-borrow securities is facilitated by electronic approvals through the various execution systems, and the firm’s client support staff works diligently and efficiently to locate hard-to-borrow securities through each of our clearing firms.

Fully Paid For Stock Loan – Our client service team also reviews client accounts daily in search of fully paid for securities that are designated as hard-to-borrow and will attempt to facilitate lending of such securities on behalf of clients by the respective clearing firms, allowing clients to earn incremental returns on their holdings.