Comprehensive portfolio reporting is a key differentiator

Cowen Prime Services offers our clients comprehensive portfolio reporting and analytics that includes post-trade as well as live intraday solutions. Our reporting solution combines portfolio accounting with performance analytics, and offers a hosted data management solution designed to capture, process, reconcile, and store vast amounts of information. It further integrates multiple data sources, including order management, global custodian, administrator, accounting, and custom data, to real-time and end-of-day risk portfolio analytics and reconciliation services, and supports global, multi-asset, multi-currency portfolio reporting with the use of Advent Geneva and our real-time portfolio and risk management system. All client account data maintained will be readily available for enhanced portfolio and/or risk analytics and reporting services, should those be contracted for separately.

Post-Trade Reporting and Analytics – Portfolio reports are delivered via our proprietary, web-based client portal that provides clients the ability to view their portfolio(s) with all account data collected from all custodians, EMS/OMS systems utilized, and other data providers. Client data is aggregated, normalized, and reconciled to cash and security positions utilizing Advent/Geneva, with the end result being a comprehensive, fully customizable, easy to use client tool to access an extensive selection of portfolio reports or have them delivered via automated e-mails. The portal further allows clients to analyze their portfolios more thoroughly so as to better understand the results of their investment/trading activity.

Real-time Portfolio and Risk Management System – Our proprietary real-time tool allows clients, to monitor their account’s performance, exposure, and risk at the portfolio level and down to the individual security. The system starts with the reconciled beginning-of-day portfolio delivered from the firm’s reconciliation and reporting systems and integrates data from the client’s trade execution systems to perform real-time calculations on performance, exposure, and risk based on user-defined combinations of criteria, sorting and grouping.